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The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) of autinity combines the planning of subsequent production. By integrating autinityMES into an existing ERP system, eg the browser-based autinityERP software can be monitored and controlled machine data (MDE) and manages all processes together in a central location.

By using autinityMES you realize faster spare capacity (downtimes of machines, free staff resources, etc.) and any problems (bottlenecks, machine failures, etc.) in production process in order to be able to respond promptly and increase productivity.

You can capture technical data on any browser-enabled computer directly in production. RFID or manual input. The machine and process data can be viewed with the MES software autinity in any view.

This can be indicators for benchmarking and performance analysis derived. The use of autinityMES provides a exact and transparent detailed planning and control.

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autinityScorecard (MES)

The autinityScorecard (MES) was developed so that you can view all the relevant machine data quickly and clearly as a user.

Any number of hierarchical levels enable differentiated view of key performance indicators. As you venture deeper into the autinityScorecard (MES) look, the more detail will be provided. The advantage is that it can be operated precisely your individual information needs.

For most of our customers following levels are used.

1. Plant manager level
2. Executive manager level
3. Shift supervisor level
4. Operator level

These are explained in more detail below.

1. Plant manager level

At the top level plant manager receive a simplified representation of the state of manufacturing, energy and service.

The traffic light indicates whether the areas meet the requirements fully (green color), slightly below, assume without jeopardizing the overall production (yellow) or critical values (red).

You define what state each color is assigned.

The basis for traffic light function are data from deeper levels.

The principle is explained for the production traffic light.

2. Executive manager level

The production level provides information on the production status. Using various indicators (capacity utilization levels, setup times, use times, production progress, staffing) target and actual values can be compared.

It gives you information about the areas there is need for action and potential for optimization in the production process.

Before the relevant period is manually limited for the presentation.

To calculate the values for the production level autinityMES draws on data from the shift supervisor and operator level.

3. Shift supervisor level

On the shift supervisor level, the figures are broken down by machine. Setpoint and actual values for setup, usage time, manpower requirements, machine utilization and production progress can be viewed per machine.

The shift supervisor level uses data from the operator levelfor displaying.

Previously defined critical values are highlighted in red for clarity.

4. Operator level

At the operator level machine data can be organized and accessed by operators. The data are associated with the respective orders.

When exceeding the nominal values, the values are highlighted. The data will be relayed higher levels referred to a bottom-up approach.

Number and depth of the levels are individually adjustable.

You have the possibility to output the data to your machine in many levels. Number and depth can be freely defined.

This UI hierarchy of autinityMES will be developed in close consultation with you and can be optimally adapted to your needs, therefore.


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