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Condition Monitoring
The requirements for efficient, secure and easy-to-use condition monitoring systems are growing with the increasing market demands, which our customers are exposed to every day. A comprehensive condition monitoring is a crucial competitive factor because of the increasing complexity of production and higher customer expectations. Remain successful in the future with the autinityCMS!
The condition monitoring system of autinity systems GmbH is improving your work environment, for example, in service, maintenance, quality assurance, manufacturing and service. You can avoid possible expensive machine and plant shutdowns as well as high costs. This also enables you to increase the efficiency of your machine. Read more
IQ innovation award
Our service offer
For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via contact form or cell phone. We’re looking forward to meet you.
Vibration analysis
As a facility operator you need high machinery and equipment availability at anytime. It is your turn to react quickly to incipient machine damnification or adverse operating conditions. For an early detection of component damage - we offer you the full package in the field of vibration measurement, analysis and evaluation. With our service you have the ability to find and fix machine errors and adverse operating conditions in early stages.
Make it Easy
Our autinityMMD give you the opportunity to collect and analyze vibration data of moving machines. If you have some machines that are not connected with the Internet our Mobile Maintenance Device is the right solution. By using the autinityMMD® applications (Apps) you analyse the recorded data locally. Without any great effort your technicians can visualize vibration data. Read more
Our application range
The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) of autinity systems GmbH acts as the interface between planning and subsequent production. By integrating autinityMES into an existing ERP system, e.g. the browser-based autinityERP, machine data  and operational data you are able to monitor, control and operate at a central location. Read more
Higher level of transparency
Using autinityMES allows you to get any time information about the status of an order in the value chain, and operating figures of your machine. You determine the priority of jobs to the respective machine should be handled. In collaboration with autinityERP you get all the operating and machine data transparently at a glance. This provides better performance evaluation for a more efficient controlling.
Increasing productivity
Your machine should be used to capacity, resources used effectively as possible. Using MES-/ERP-software of autinity systems you receive easily nominal and actual comparisons regarding the productivity of various employees or machines. This knowledge gives you the ability to reduce cycle times and increase productivity within your company.
The autinityScorecard (MES) has been developed to put you in the position viewing all the relevant machine data quickly and clearly. Any number of hierarchical levels enable a differentiated view of key performance indicators. The deeper you look into the autinityScorecard (MES), the more details you will receive.



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